Hotel Osejava

As special as you are

Beneath the grey walls of Biokovo mountain,built on the foundations of its ancestor,the old hotel Osejava which was opened in 1929, was reborn under the same name. Incorporated in historical and architectural harmony of the town of Makarska and its port. The contemporary looks of the  new hotel Osejava makes peace  with almost 100 years of tradition. In its rooms one can still sense the shadows of Tin Ujević, a Croatian poet,who discovered his poetic inspiration in hotel Osejava,or feel the shadows of Nobel prize winner Alberto Moravia,or The Czech politician Jan Masaryk,of famous writer Karel Chapek ,poet Jean Couctou or of the actor Jean Marais and many others. All of them used to find inspiration and peace walking through the forest between Tučepi and Makarska. They would always come back,because whoever comes once, keeps returning to Osejava.

Veljko Barbieri

In the lap of mighty mountain Biokovo,on the spot where the sky touches the blue sea, hotel Osejava is situated. The name comes from the word „osoja“ which suggests the comfort of the shadow and it is also the name of the forest on whose pine trees the hotel is leaned.

The town and the sea,the colors and scents of the Mediterranean don’t disappear once you enter the hotel. In this 4-star hotel with its 45 rooms and 5 suites through architecture,photographs and design,small narrow streets, scenes and details of Dalmatia have been descretely introduced with the texture of stone walls and patina of the old tavern door,bugenvilias and clothes drying on the ropes. In this way, rooms,like the rest of the hotel,become small vignettes of Dalamtian architecture, while photographic murals add poetry to the whole interior.The borderline between phantasy and reality almost does not exist, here is the fantasy of the Mediterranean that we know from the books and movies. All the rooms are,needless to emhasize,equipped with :AC, SAT-TV;PAY TV, The Internet, Telephone, Minibar; Safe and hair-dryers.

Congress hall „Žalo“

And this is not all. The congress hall „Žalo“ with its 100 seats will suit those who are seeking spiritual experience,improvement in knowledge or just want to broaden their minds in some interesting meeting or gathering.

All amenities of Hotel „Osejava“