Hotel Osejava... Special just like you.

Are you searching for ideal location to celebrate the wedding of your dreams?

Hotel Osejava has everything and more to fulfill your every wish.
The location is overlooking the sea and has a view of surrounding islands,
the city of Makarska and the phenomenal mountain Biokovo, as well as
the view the atmosphere of Hotel Osejava exudes a unique vibe and is
simply breathtaking, when selecting a menu you can create whatever you
wish and at all times a professional individual will be appointed to
yourself to ensure that your every wish and wedding of your dreams is created
just the way you have envisioned it. Indulge in our delicious meal catered specifically to your taste in 

Romantic environment that will melt on the taste buds of your guests.

At Hotel Osejava, weather permitting, you can choose from various settings to host
your event, we have available various gorgeous terraces overlooking the sea,
mountains and city, our phenomenal restaurant our wonderful hall Žalo.